Random Post!

just post some photos from my last september trip. Hello BALI




20131003-144034.jpg Klapa – The edge of pleasure




20131003-144347.jpg on apache reggae bar


20131003-144553.jpg white hot chocolate

20131003-144633.jpg omelette,chicken and toast for breakfast

so much fun indeed. our first holiday trip without the passport! We rent motorcycles and explore new places, eat an ice cream gelato,catch a sunset together, and me take turns being tour guide. Hahaha

location: Kuta – Dreamland – Klapa – Apache reggae bar legian – Coffee Corner Seminyak

August Rush


i am looking at the timeline and its been a long time ago since my last post.
i was quite busy and all the things that had happened with me lately making me sooooo depresed yet excited.
i miss taking picture for God sake. Life is been so busy that i couldn’t play with my camera.

This august is a holy month for us as a moeslem people, and tomorrow we’re gonna celebrate Ied Mubarak.
I was so excited to welcoming that day.
But i had to admit that this month was a tough month for me.
I had faced so many unexpected things which quite annoyed me. Office stuff, Relationship thingy, Healthy, etc.
However, all I can say now is Alhamdulillah, now am in the end of ramadhan and really looking forward for Eid Mubarak.

Happy eid mubarak, people.
May the blessing of Allah fill your life with pleasure now and always.