Hello, how are you?

This morning I remember bout one of my friend on high school. A male friend,a good one, his name is R.S.
Remembering the past almost 9 year ago when am on 12grade were come late on class because of traffic and get punishment from our teacher, the teacher need us to sing a song together. Hahahaha silly…
Then we pick a song from Mandy Moore and jonathan foreman with a tittle someday we’ll know this song is one of a soundtrack from mandy film “a walk to remember”

This morning I listened someday we’ll know on my iPod and I remember him!
How are you R.S? where are you now?

oh,someday we’ll know, if love can move a mountain

someday we’ll know, why the sky is blue

someday we’ll know, why i wasnt meant for you

yeah, yeah, yeah…

someday we’ll know, why samson loved delilah

one day i’ll go.. Dancing on the moon

someday you’ll know, that i was the one for you..

mandy moore ft jonathan foreman – ost a walk to remember

i lost ur phone number, i lost all the contact since i change my device
but wherever you are, i hope u’ll be fine..



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