do you know about 2012 rumours? well i bet you know. one of my friend totally freaking about it. last night he chat with me on bbm and say he can stop thinking about what the worst thing will be happened at the time..
well am afraid with that rumours too when the first time i heard. i mean we all afraid. we do. after all the fact and all the sign which came in around lately. the global warming, the tsunami, the earthquake, mountain explosion, etc,

but do we all know what will happened next? no we dont!! totally we dont? yes,we DONT!

can we just though about the positivity? i thought that its all God plans and God could change it whenever God want.
Maybe God want us to make a change, do positive thing to become more care with earth.

Maybe God sent all the sign to aware us, to aware people. To reminder that God want us to protect all the God Creatures.. earth, plant, animal, sea, mountain, forest and anything in this world.

We make all the pain..we make earth cries. so why dont we just think that if we all do our best to protect all the God creatures. Sure we could make a change, we could make the earth smile back.

Remember, a great and good thing doesnt come from a big thing. There’re always a little part come from it.
So, do positive from right now guys.. to make earth smile back again

im out..enjoy this day


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