“holy”day 2

Day 2

hey ho!
today am going to prambanan temple, located near from red dot hotel (the place where i stay in jogjakarta) this temple only 20minutes drive with car.

after breakfast, were hurry to go and cant wait for taking some picture in front of temple.
from prambanan temple were back to hotel to changing clothes because our clotes is wet (ps: do not forget to bring hat or umbrella when you visited this temple or the sun can burn your face)

our accomodation when were on jogja is becak or trans jogjakarta, because the traffic on jogja when long weekend is so crowded. not easy to get a lot parking in mall

20121224-213909.jpg me, mbak indira and her daughter naresh in front of prambanan temple

20121224-214038.jpgwe LOVED becak

20121224-214212.jpgrest my leg in ambarukmo plaza

“messyyyy 😁”

20121224-214628.jpgmy new baby this month

merry christmast to all the world!

well weekend getaway is over, tommorrow morning i’ll be back to surabaya.. see you soon,yogyakarta..


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