KL agaiinnnn

i only have a minutes to blog today…
but just had to share some shots from my Holiday in kuala lumpur 2 weeks ago..
and here they are…


its kuala lumpur city seeing from KL tower


and here’s “water fountain” in suria mall garden


how could public transport in kuala lumpur can integrated soo da*n good..hahahaa


my partner for this trip, Andhyka Budhy Wieguna


me, with background from petronas twin tower


me, and dika…

it was funny when we’re try to find a “durian musang” in chinatown, and go back to hotel with pick-ing the durian using monorail.
some people in monorail was disturbing with durian smell, which is was to annoy them.. hahaha
and meee…who’s pick the durian only “shut my mouth up” and pretend it wasnt me picking the durian.

there was such a great holiday.. we’re not stop to eat, laughing, and walking..
yaa we’re not using any tour which can handling our journey.
so we do all by ourself.. we’re only using a public transport.
thanks to malaysia goverment.. they public transport was too good to be used ❤

and also thanks to andhyka budhy wieguna, for being my partner of crime for this trip.
cant wait for our next journey.


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