oh my! PMS


PMS doing its function very well for ruined my emotional
my emotions are completely out of control, from extremely happy to totally miserable
i was so out of control and easily offended by the words of others towards me.
my mood swing, bloating, crying, and inability to sleep

oh my-PMS

Perfect 25

its 25 may already,
i cant believe am twentysomething now.
some good moment come along this month..

Alhamdulillah, i still get a chance to celebrate my birthday, i do not regret one moment of my life..
my life is pretty fine, super fine..
everything went well and i am so grateful for what i have ❤

and these are things to be happy about this saturday,

wohoo, finally i watch fast & furious 6 with my ab

sing a song, la laa la laa la 🎵

hotdog on a stick

my fav model all the time ❤




ab give me an instax mini camera as my birthday gift, and here’s the result.. thanks for the gift mr andhyka ❤❤❤

well now, am twenty something, and am happy